Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Akar Tuli on Brawijaya Expansion Event (Part 1)

Halo! Happy November everyone! Today, because our previous post is about simple past, the writer will write in English using simple past tense. Yeyyyyy *clapping* Every word written in V2 will be underlined. In this very special occasion, I am going to talk about Akar Tuli on Brawijaya Expansion Event. Excited, huh? ;)


Brawijaya Expansion Event held on October, 29th, to be exact, it was saturday. In this event, Brawijaya gathered all of Malang community and Akar Tuli was invited. There were bunch of them:

I came around 1 PM and apparently Mufti and Ikbar were already there in Akar Tuli stand. They had prepared everything when I arrived,

Few hours later, suddenly the rain felt. :( and our stand was flooded. The committee of Brawijaya Expansion tried to sweep the water, but of course it did not solve the problem. 

Eventually, the committee allowed us to move our stand. Yey! They also helped us re-prepared everything.

the new stand

At 4 pm, the rain stopped, the show begun, and visitor started to come. At first, they came closer slowly to our x-banner, which is consist of Indonesia sign language (BISINDO/Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia). They looked shy. but eventually they were willing to learn sign language. 

Our first visitor were 2 girls from somewhere, I forgot where they were. Uut and Ikbar, and I as interpreter, taught how to sign for them.

After that, there were bunch of Maba from Filkom (Faculty of Computer Science). They were funny, after they learned about sign, they asked us to teach them how to say love to someone use sign language. :D

Meanwhile, Mas Mufti also busy with their clients.

At that time, there were only 2 interpreters, that is, Mas Mufti and I. I was exausted, but I am proud of Akar Tuli, and I was very happy that a lot of people learned sign language. :))

the squad


written by: gadis

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