Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Akar Tuli on Brawijaya Expansion Event (Part 2)

Hello everyone, how are you? Excited for other stories? ;) So, last week we told you about our experience on Expo from gadis' point of view. Now, Hasan is sharing about our story in the EXPO. 

Yesterday October 30, 2016, we participated in Expansion Brawijaya event. Where was it? It was in the FILKOM UB field. The event were really fun. There were many communities came both from UB and other Malang communities. We were given the opportunity to open a stand and socialize about our community: Akar Tuli

We were getting started at 10 am. Everything is ready, but the rain  in our stand swamped. Luckily the committee were very kind; when we asked that we wanted move, they just granted it. 

At  our stand, we socialized about BISINDO (Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia/ Indonesian Sign Language) and sold some souvenirs such as shirt, totebag, and bracelet. 

Many visitors were shy, we knew that actually they wanted to learn sign language, but they seems hesitated. Nevertheless, we continue to welcome visitors and as a result a number of visitors came to our stand to learn sign language or want to join with Akar Tuli.

It was getting darker, and our stand getting a lot of visitors. We also got the opportunity to promote on stage at 06.30. Mas Yoga and I, Idot, were on stage. Apparently, many people interested to join Akar Tuli. While Mas Yoga were explaining to the people, he also emphasized that Deaf friends is more comfortable to be called as Tuli (deaf) instead of to be called as not Tunarungu (hearing impaired). According to them, tunarungu is a term for people who are sick, but the Deaf felt that they are not sick, they are different. After that, apparently we got the most favorite community award from the Expo committee. We were extremely very happy and gave thanks to the visitors that chose us as a favorite community. :)


written by: Hasan
edited by: Idot, Ai, and Gadis

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